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Eligibility Center for Officials
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There is a new process in place this season for officials to complete postseason eligibility requirements. All eligibility requirements will now be completed through the Eligibility Dashboard.

Requirements vary by sport but may include Officials Registration, Background Check Consent, Rules Test and Quizzes, Clinic Attendance, and Required Videos.


1)  You will not be able to access the Eligibility Dashboard until you've completed the Officials Registration.
2)  After completing the Officials Registration, you will have access to the Eligibility Dashboard to complete additional requirements.



After clicking the Eligibility Dashboard link below, please follow these instructions:

1)  Scroll to NCAA BASEBALL
2)  Click Available Tiers
3)  Click the links to complete available requirements.
4)  After initial enrollment, Postseason Eligibility will be listed under Current Eligibilities at the top of your Eligibility Dashboard.



Before viewing the 2020-21 NCAA Baseball Online Clinic (Eligibility Requirement), please click the following three links to check your system for compatibility:

Minimum system requirements

Test your device for compatibility

Why does a presentation restart when trying to resume where I left off viewing?

If you're having issues viewing a video, AFTER clicking the three links above and reading through all information, please contact Brainshark Support.

If you're having issues on the ArbiterSports website please contact ArbiterSports Customer Success.


  1. For the best viewing experience, please view on a PC instead of a mobile device.
  2. You will not be able to move ahead or go back in the presentation. 
  3. Each slide may only be viewed once, and each question may only be answered once. 
  4. Please click the Play button to advance to the next slide.
  5. You can exit the presentation, and then return to where you left off.  However, see Why does a presentation restart when trying to resume where I left off for viewing? above. 
  6. After completing the presentation, you will see a green completion bar on your screen and may download your Certificate of Completion
  7. You'll also receive a copy of your Certificate of Completion via email.
  8. The green completion checkmark may take up to 24 hours to update on your Eligibility Dashboard.  If it doesn't update within 24 hours, please contact Customer Success.
  9. To view the clinic, click Eligibility Dashboard below. 
  10. To allow review and preparation for the test, a non-eligibility version of the clinic will be posted on January 4 under the VIDEOS Tab.


   Proceed to the Eligibility Dashboard

If you need assistance, please contact Customer Success.

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